Malioboro is one of the famous places in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. If you are looking for the various good, clothes, food, or simply a place for hanging out, Malioboro is just  a place for it!

There are some malls, market, cafe, and hotels around Malioboro. If you good at bargaining, do not go to the Mall! There are all kinds of souvenir that can be bought with the lower price on the street store along Malioboro Street.

If you are not a shopaholic, you still can enjoy your time by walking freely around the store, enjoying the ice cream, or just spending your afternoon’s talk accompanied by the warmth of Jogja!

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And.. don’t worry, if you have the intention to spend a night near Malioboro, to chase your early train schedule or simply want to have a morning greeting by the view of Malioboro, there is super near Hotel located in Jl. Malioboro started from IDR 1.822.500 or 138.17 USD


But if you want to have a different atmosphere, there are various hotels with a various range of price near Malioboro, that can be reached by taxi, gojek or by foot.

Here a landscape of Malioboro’s street. For your information started from this April, you can not park your vehicles on the side of the stores. So, after leaving your vehicle to the Abu Bakar Ali’s parking lot, you need to walk along Malioboro Street or grab a taxi;)




You will find more beauty in Malioboro, by simply going there! Let’s #gowandering


Another side of Jogja: Beach

Yogyakarta- is not only rich for its mesmerizing culture but also their nature! Here’re some of the snapshots of the journey I had taken along with my friends at the Cross Cultural Understanding Program!


It is Wedi Ombo beach. Located in Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta-  3 hours trip by bus are finally paid by its beauty. 

We are having fun! – photo taken by author 


( to be continued)

Malioboro- Soul of Yogya 2 “Taking a walk”

cropped-img_0618.jpgPeople don’t take trips, trips take people- quote by John Steinback

In the former post of Malioboro – Soul of Yogya I had not mentioned places that you could find along when you go to Malioboro, Jogja 

Well here, I will lead you into the amzing places that you can not miss, when yo go to Malioboro! 

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Momochrome- Malioboro’s steet in the night